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Hopes and hurdles for

Grains such as Fortuna and
Rouge de Bordeaux bring
distinctive flavors to bread,
but yields need improvement


ean Folkvord, founder of
Wheat Montana Farms and
Bakery, likens heirloom grains
to wine grapes. Companies such as
La Brea Bakery and Ardent Mills have
worked with the grains as well. Yet
drawbacks, mainly yield, are holding
back more widespread commercial
use of grains such as Fortuna, White
Sonora and Rouge de Bordeaux.
The Uhlmann Co., Kansas City,
has worked with area restaurants to
24 / February 26, 2019

Milling & Baking News

incorporate specific heirloom grains
into flour for menu items. Prices for
the grains can reach $1 per lb, said
Wesley J. Fehsenfeld, vice-president
of The Uhlmann Co.
"Even though there is a bunch of
people who like it and would continue to use it, the sticking point is
still on how much they will pay for
it versus all the traditional flours,"
he said.
Each heirloom grain has a distinctive flavor and aroma, said Scott Baker, senior scientist - grain innovation
for Ardent Mills, Denver. Environmental factors such as soil, temperature, sunlight and rainfall affect grain
quality and quantity.
"We can see differences when we
analyze them with sophisticated analytical instruments," he said. "However, what we must not forget is that

it takes more than the grain to deliver
the end-product.
"Baking and cooking are complex
chemical, biological and physical
transformations. Through fermentation and heating, interaction among ingredients develops distinctive aromas
and flavors. The question is: Which of
the flavors and aromas are significant
enough to be detected by a consumer
at the time of consumption?"
La Brea Bakery, Los Angeles, a
business of Aryzta AG, offers La
Brea Bakery Reserve Demi-Baguettes
(French and Sourdough) that are on
shelves nationwide at select Kroger
grocery stores. The bread items contain flour from Fortuna wheat grown
by Wheat Montana Farms.
"La Brea Bakery was looking to
partner with a farm that cultivated
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