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Supplier Innovations

Antioxidant for cereal
comes in powder form
Guardian Toco 30P, a new antioxidant from naturally
sourced mixed tocopherols, comes in powder form to help
ease manufacturing concerns for makers of cereal and granola brands, according to DuPont Nutrition & Health, New
Century, Kas., a DowDuPont Specialty Products Division
business. The powder form provides benefits in homogenous distribution, handling, cleanup and application equipment costs and limitations.
"Guardian Toco 30P simplifies the process by incorporating antioxidants
into the dry mix
and eliminates
the need for additional equipment
and cleanup,"
said Luping Ning,
group manager,
snacks/cereal for
DuPont Nutrition &
Health. "This new
antioxidant solution
in a cost-effective
powder form helps
to reduce expenses
while improving productivity."
In accelerated shelf-life studies of commercial cereal
products, Guardian Toco 30P at 1,000 parts per million
(p.p.m.) was found to significantly inhibit oxidation of the
cereal as indicated by a reduced level of hexanal while sensory evaluation of the cereal correlated well with hexanal
levels. In another accelerated shelf-life study, Guardian
Toco 30P was incorporated into the dry mix of extruded oat
and corn cereal. Sensory texting at 12 weeks of accelerated
storage showed that levels of both 1,200 p.p.m. and 1,500
p.p.m. significantly reduced "cardboard" and "painty" flavor attributes.
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TIC Gums now offers
organic tara gum
TIC Gums, White Marsh, Md., a business of Ingredion,
Inc., now offers TICorganic Tara Gum HV, an organic tara
gum. The ingredient in certain applications may be used
as an alternative to other galactomannans such as locust
bean gum (L.B.G.) and guar gum. Like L.B.G. and guar, it
provides thickness and creaminess.
Tara gum may be used in both hot and cold processes
and has synergistic qualities with xanthan gum and carrageenan. A plant-based hydrocolloid, tara gum is derived from the Peruvian carob tara tree and may be used
in a range of applications. The ingredient creates mouthfeel, heightens freeze-thaw stability, enhances texture,
controls moisture and provides viscosity.
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Beneo opens application
center in New Jersey
Customers of Beneo, Inc., Parsippany, N.J., may test formulation aspects of functional ingredients, including fiber
enrichment, sugar or fat replacement, and taste and texture improvements, at the company's new 3,000-squarefoot North American application center in Parsippany.
"We are very excited to bring Beneo's experience in
developing unique applications for our functional ingredients closer to our customers in the North American
market," said Jon Peters, president of Beneo, Inc., when
the opening was announced June 21. "Beneo is unique in
that we sell the ingredients we've discovered, developed
and manufacture. This gives us a long history and strong
heritage to bring out the very best of the ingredient when
it comes to its functional benefits like health, taste and
texture. Now with these significant resources in the U.S.,
we can react more quickly to optimize and customize formulas for specific regional applications."
Initially the application center will focus on bakery
applications, dairy and dairy fermented applications,
soups, sauces, frozen convenience meals, and cereal and
slab-type nutrition bars and beverages. The center features a variety of benchtop scale and pilot scale equipment. Analytical equipment may measure microscopy,
rheology, particle size, pH and freeze-thaw stability.
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Batter depositing machine
works in large scale production
The Hinds-Bock 18P-03 industrial batter depositing machine uses a servo drive to move
the entire depositor timed with continuously
moving baking hands or pan conveyors, according to Hinds-Bock Corp., Bothell, Wash.
Speeds of 900 items per minute and positive
shut-off spouts make the machine ideal for
large-scale production of products with or
without particulates such as pancakes, waffles, cupcakes, cake batter, muffins or flowable cookie batters.
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Brolite offers ingredients to
replace DATEM and SSL

Brolite, Streamwood, Ill., offers ingredients that replace
other ingredients that people may perceive unfavorably,
including mono- and diglycerides, DATEM and SSL. The
company's DATEM replacer has been shown to work in
frozen dough formulas. Brolite ingredients may complement formulas without sacrificing a product's flavor, consistency or texture.
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