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Modern Take On
Ancient Grains

Pre-Cooked Rice Flours

type flours, as well as organic whole
wheat flour.
"Other organically grown grains
offered by Panhandle Milling include
quinoa, sorghum, spelt and millet, which are particularly suited as
partial inclusions and in multigrain
blends in a variety of foods, including
pancake and waffle mixes, breads,
bars, hearty breads and pasta," said
Tim Devey, marketing director for
Panhandle Milling.
An example of organic research
investing comes from Clif Bar & Co.,
Emeryville, Calif. The company in January announced the funding of a $1.5
million endowment for organic grain
breeding research in Washington State
University's College of Agricultural,
Human and Natural Resource Sciences. The Clif Bar & King Arthur Flour
Endowed Chair in Organic Breeding
& Innovation was awarded to Stephen

U.S. organic food sales
(in millions)


Source: Organic Trade Association

Jones, Ph.D., director of Washington
State University's Bread Lab. Working with area farmers, the Bread Lab
works to develop new varieties of
wheat and barley. MBN
- Jeff Gelski

Water Absorbing
Absorbing, Bland Flavor
Freeze Thaw Stable

Low Micro Rice Flours
White, Brown, Sweet

Sorghum, Millet, Quinoa, Amaranth, Teff

Long Grain, Medium Grain, Sweet

26 / July 3, 2018

Milling & Baking News

want G.M.O. information on packaging
bout 80% of respondents in an
International Food Information Council Foundation survey said they would prefer to receive
bioengineered/G.M.O. information on
a product package. How the information is worded and what symbols are
used could impact their views as well.
The online survey contacted 1,002
Americans from the ages of 18-80 from
May 18-27, or days after the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the May 4


preferred to receive the legally required
G.M.O. disclosure, 51% said a symbol
or visual representation, and 29% said
text on a food package. Other responses were under 10%, with send a text
message to receive more information at
7%, visiting a web site at 6%, calling a
phone number at 4% and scanning an
electronic or digital link at 3%.
The U.S.D.A.'s proposed rule also
gave three symbols that noted bioengineered (B.E.) food or ingredients: a

issue of the Federal Register released a
proposed rule for a National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard.
The proposed rule uses the term
bioengineered (B.E.) instead of genetically modified or G.M.O. Under
the proposed rule, companies may
disclose bioengineered food or ingredients in three ways: text, symbol, or
electronic or digital link disclosure.
When respondents in the IFIC Foundation survey were asked how they

logo with a smiling face, a sun logo
with a smiling face and a logo with
a plant. In the IFIC Foundation survey, the sun logo raised the smallest amount of concern about human
health. Respondents also generally
liked the smiling face logo. The plant
logo was associated with greater concern for human health.
To further investigate how the form
of B.E. packaging may affect views,
respondents were shown different /

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