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Elders Grain, Inc., Overland
Park, Kas., and Illinois Cereal
Mills, Inc., Paris, Ill., jointly
announced that Illinois Cereal Mills has acquired the
Atchison, Kas., dry corn mill
of Elders Grain.

Attendance at the 2008 Purchasing Seminar sponsored
by Milling & Baking News
swelled last week in response
to surging commodity markets.
The ballroom of the InterContinental hotel in Kansas City was
filled to capacity with registration totaling 642, up 27% from
506 in 2007.
IAWS P.L.C., which owns
Otis Spunkmeyer and La Brea
Bakery in the United States,
has reached agreement to
acquire A. Hiestand Holding
AG, a transaction that would
create the world's largest frozen-baked foods maker. The
new merged company will be
called Aryzta A.G.

Sysco Corp., Houston, and
Staley Continental, Inc., Rolling Meadows, Ill.-based subsidiary of Tate & Lyle P.L.C.,
have signed a definitive
agreement in which Sysco
will acquire the food service
businesses of Staley Continental, including Fresh Start
Bakeries, Inc., Diamond Bar,
Calif., for $700 million.
Cohen T. Williams, retired
chairman of
Martha White
Foods, Inc., and
a founder of the
company, died
May 29 at his
home in Nashville. He was 81 years old.

Most U.S. consumers - 85%
- believe the country is currently in a recession, and the
U.S. consumer confidence in
the economy has declined 17
points in recent months, according to a new survey by
The Nielsen Co.
While critical of many substantive aspects of the 2008
farm bill passed May 22,
leading grain-based foods
groups said the industry will
benefit from grain promotion
language in the legislation.

At the welcoming reception at the
92nd annual Technical Conference
and Trade Show of the Association of Operative Millers, a father
and son - Dwaine O. Nault, left,
ADM Milling Co., Indianapolis,
and Stephen D. Nault, Nabisco
Brands, Inc., Toledo, Ohio.
Michael Foods, Inc. has completed the cash purchase of a
50% equity and voting interest
in the Milton G. Waldbaum
Co., Wakefield, Neb.-based
producer of egg products.

Charles Sosland, left, chairman of
Sosland Publishing Co., presented
the 2008 Milling Operative of
the Year award to Ted Korolchuk,
center, of ConAgra Flour Milling.
They were joined by Dr. Hulya
Dogan of Kansas State University.
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Milling & Baking News

Archway Cookies, Inc. has
purchased Swanson's Cookie
Co., Inc., Battle Creek, Mich.,
a licensee baking company of
Archway Cookies supplying
the state of Michigan.
Nabisco Brands, Inc., the principal food subsidiary of RJR

Nabisco, Inc., has unveiled a
new organizational alignment
in which its domestic operations, the Biscuit Division,
and the Grocery Products
Division, will be operated as
separate, free-standing companies called Nabisco Biscuit
Co. and Nabisco Foods Co.,
respectively. Peter N. Rogers
has been named chairman
and chief executive officer of
Nabisco Biscuit Co. Ellen R.
Marram has been named president of Nabisco Biscuit Co.,
reporting to Mr. Rogers.



Canada's two-price wheat
system, which has required
flour millers to pay a fixed
price well above the actual
export market, will be terminated at the beginning of its
1988-89 crop year on Aug. 1,
it was jointly announced by
Charles Mayer, Grains and
Oilseeds Ministers, Agriculture Minister John Wise and
Minister of State for Agriculture Pierre Blais.
Ron W. McKnight has been
promoted to
and general
manager of
Franz (United
States) Bakery,
in Portland,
Ore., and one
of the largest bakers in the
Pacific Northwest.

Sosland, left, of Sosland Publishing Co. presented the award.

A reduction of 25% to 27% in
appropriations for foreign relief,
based in part upon the more
favorable wheat and other grain
crop prospects in Europe, was
voted June 4 by the House.
Senator Arthur Capper of
Kansas, chairman of the Senate
Agriculture Committee and
the oldest member of the Senate, announced in a surprise
action that he would not run
for re-election to the Senate.
Announcement that Centennial Flouring Mills Co. of
Seattle has purchased the
Crown Mills of Portland was
made at weekend by Moritz
Milburn, president of the
Centennial organization.
It is reported that the subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,
which held hearings on the
International Wheat Agreement, has recommended that
the agreement be shelved for
the present and that ratification be considered at the next
session of Congress.
One of the leading educators
of the United
States, Deane
W. Malott,
chancellor of
the University
of Kansas, is
the newest
member of the
board of directors of General Mills, Inc.
Hope and belief that the second half of our century "will
be marked by inspiring progress in the field of human
relations," was expressed by
Harry A. Bullis, chairman of
General Mills, Inc.

Weldon (Ed) White, right, milling superintendent of the Kansas
City facility of General Mills,
Inc., was named the 1988 'Milling Operative of the Year' by
Milling & Baking News at the
annual A.O.M. Banquet. Charles

A revival in grain exports
from the Soviet Union is based
on political and economic
considerations, according to
an article in the May issue of
Foreign Agriculture. MBN /

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