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Supplier Innovations

Flavorchem introduces
clean label extracts
Flavorchem Corp., Downers Grove, Ill., recently unveiled
a line of clean label extracts. Since no federal regulations
define clean label, Flavorchem follows standards set by
food service and retail
operations. The standards
include, but are not limited to, organic compliant/
certified; natural/natural
WONF (with other natural flavors); no artificial
ingredients and synthetic
Project verified; free of
propylene glycol (PG) and
caramel color; and free of
ingredients found in California's Proposition 65 list.
For more information, call (800) 435-2867 or visit

Avoid soggy buns with
no-time dough base
Ill., offers Incredibun, a
10% no-time dough base
that has been shown to
withstand the juiciest,
sloppiest and messiest
toppings, meaning no
more soggy buns, according to the company.
When a roll is squished,
it will spring back to its
original form due to the
addition of Incredibun.
For more information, call (630) 830-0340.

Watson publishes guide
on choline's importance
Watson Inc., West Haven, Conn., has published a free,
eight-page educational guide on choline for the food and
supplement manufacturing industries. The guide provides
an overview of choline, its functions, concerns
for pregnant and lactating women, choline's
food sources and choline's future. Choline is a
vital nutrient for brain and nerve function and
the structure of cell membranes.
About 90% of Americans are not consuming enough choline, according to the National
Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
(NHANES). The Food and Drug Administration has established a Reference Dietary Intake (R.D.I.) of
550 mg of choline.
For more information, visit

Kerry opens application
center in Thailand
Kerry, Tralee, Ireland, recently opened an expanded regional development and application center in Bangpoo,
Thailand. The 8,500-square-meter facility features application labs, interactive customer suites and research and
sensory facilities.
The center will include product development work
for a range of categories, including meat, snacks, baked
foods, dairy and beverages. The center also unveiled a
center of excellence for meat in the Asia Pacific, Middle
East and Africa (APMEA) region. Clean smoke technology allows for the use of smoke condensate to add a
signature taste and smoke profile to meat, vegetables,
desserts and beverages.
"Thailand is a priority market and an important regional hub for many of our customers in Southeast Asia
and beyond, so we're delighted to be launching these
world-class, multi-application facilities in Bangpoo," said
John Savage, president and chief executive officer for
Kerry APMEA.
For more information, visit

Equipment works with
gluten-free batters and inclusions
Hinds-Bock Corp., Bothell, Wash.,
offers industrial strength equipment that has been shown to pump,
deposit, portion and fill pans, cups
and containers with gluten-free
batters, as well as inclusions such
as nuts, chocolate chips and fruit.
For more information, call (877) 2925713, e-mail or

Coconut water concentrate
adds nutrients, binding
properties to bars
Coconut water concentrate may add electrolytes and nutrients to bars as well as binding properties, according to
iTi Tropicals, Lawrenceville, N.J. A
binder application
has been shown to
reduce the amount
of sugar added to
nutrition bars and
to work in combination with other
binders like tapioca, honey and agave. Coconut water
concentrate also contains magnesium, sodium and potassium.
For more information, visit

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June 5, 2018 / 41

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