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Winter wheat harvest accelerates


he winter wheat harvest was accelerating with hot and dry weather
seen across the Plains states the
past few weeks allowing farmers to begin combining mostly in line with average starting dates. While few samples
have been taken from the hard red winter wheat harvest to date, early indications were test weights were strong and
protein likely well higher than what was
seen during the previous two harvests,
when average hard red winter wheat
protein was unusually low.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture
in its weekly Crop Progress report for
Texas indicated the wheat harvest in
that state was 20% completed by May
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27 compared with 12% a week earlier,
22% a year ago and 13% as the recent
five-year average for the date. The Texas U.S.D.A. office commented, "Wheat
harvest was getting underway in the
Southern Low Plains, the Cross Timbers
and the Blacklands. Meanwhile harvest
continued to progress in East Texas, the
Edwards Plateau and South Texas."
Executives at the Fort Worth Grain Exchange indicated the early results from
the Texas harvest weren't very promisPasta Ingredients
ing with regard to protein. Harvest samples from south of Fort Worth featured
excellent test weights, between 62 and 64
lbs per bu, but exceptionally low protein
at about 10% to 10.2%. Harvest wheat
from west Texas had higher protein with
several samples at about 11.7%.
But toward the week's end, the Fort
Worth Grain Exchange indicated average protein was rising in both areas, especially in west Texas. Wheat samples
from south of Fort Worth still had low
protein, but the average edged up to
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around 10.8%. West Texas wheat sam2
ples, taken around San Angelo at midTHIS LAST WEEKS WEEKS
week, had protein averaging 12%.
Harvesting got underway in southPan-bread flour
ern Oklahoma during Memorial Day
Wheat futures,
weekend, but the U.S.D.A. office there
K.C., July
provided no indication of progress in its
Hard winter
Crop Progress report issued Feb. 29.
Mike Schulte of the Oklahoma Wheat
12.2% protein
Commission on May 31 told Milling &
Millfeed, K.C.,
Baking News the harvest in his state was
about 6% completed and was poised to
Soybean oil
make strong progress in the next few
Cane sugar
days if weather remains favorable. CusCocoa
tom cutters were deployed across the
31 / November/7,
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state and were expected to make quick
work of the small crop.
Early truck loads sampled from the
Oklahoma new crop featured wheat with
mostly high test weights with 60 to 63 lbs
per bu representative. Protein in early
samples spanned a wide range, from
10.5% to 17%. Expectations were most
of crop will have protein between 11.5%


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and 12.5% with pockets of wheat with
even higher protein, Mr. Schulte said.
Early yields in south central Oklahoma exceeded expectations. Mr. Schulte
suggested average yield for the state
may exceed the U.S.D.A.'s May 10 forecast of 26 bus per acre. But he expected
harvested area to be smaller than the 2
million acres forecast by the U.S.D.A. because of high abandonment in western
areas of the state.
The upshot, Mr. Schulte suggested,
was that Oklahoma may reach the
U.S.D.A. production forecast at 52 million bus or fall a bit short.
The soft red winter wheat harvest expanded in the South and Delta states.
The Louisiana harvest was 44% completed by May 27 compared with 23%
as the recent five-year average for the
date. Combining was 11% completed
in Alabama (13% as the five-year average+), 25% in Georgia (27%) and 6% in
South Carolina. MBN
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June 5,/
2018 / 31


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