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Inulin suppliers promote benefits
while awaiting F.D.A. fiber ruling
Besides glucose control
and satiety, the ingredient
from chicory root also may
provide functional benefits


hile the food and beverage
industry waits for the Food
and Drug Administration to
rule on petitions involving whether
certain ingredients meet the agency's
fiber definition, suppliers of inulin
ingredients remain confident. They
point to inulin's health benefits, like
glucose control and reduced energy
intake. Functional benefits, like improving texture in protein-enhanced
items, are possible, too.
The F.D.A. in the May 27, 2016, issue
of the Federal Register defined dietary
fiber as non-digestible soluble and insoluble carbohydrates (with three or
more monomeric units), and lignin
that are intrinsic and intact in plants;
24 / June 5, 2018

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isolated or synthetic non-digestible
carbohydrates (with three or more
monomeric units) determined by the
F.D.A. to have physiological effects
that are beneficial to human health.
The F.D.A. did not list inulin
among the isolated or synthetic nondigestible carbohydrates that met
the fiber definition because of beneficial physiological effects, but the
agency said citizens petitions could
be submitted explaining why ingredients should meet the fiber definition. Companies in the inulin industry in September 2016 submitted a
petition listing the ingredient's beneficial physiological effects, including
increased laxation/bowel function,
increased absorption of calcium,
reduction of blood cholesterol levels, and attenuation of postprandial
blood glucose levels. The F.D.A. has
yet to rule on the petition.
"Chicory root fiber is one of the
most researched food ingredients
that there are, and there are constantly studies being conducted to
look at the various benefits to human health that it provides," said
Scott Turowski, technical sales

Chicory root ingredients may reduce sugar
content in such applications as chocolate
chip cookies.

manager for Sensus America, Inc.,
which is based in Lawrenceville,
Sensus offers Frutafit inulin and
Frutalose oligofructose. Beneo, Inc.,
Parsippany, N.J., offers Orafti inulin
and oligofructose, which is derived
from inulin through partial enzymatic
hydrolysis, said Jon Peters, president.
Cargill, Minneapolis, offers OliggoFiber inulin.
"More than 150 scientific studies
have shown that feeding the 'good'
bacteria inside the gut with prebiotic chicory root fiber encourages the
bacteria to grow and supports digestive health, as well as other healthrelated aspects, in a natural way,"
Mr. Peters said.
European Union health claims state
inulin from chicory root promotes digestive health by supporting regularity, he added.
"Considering the body of scientific work that has been conducted /

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