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I.G.C. forecasts world durum crop
at 38.5 million tonnes


he International Grains Council,
in its latest Grain Market Report
issued April 26, forecast world durum production in 2018-19 at 38.5 million tonnes, unchanged from its March
projection and up 1.2 million tonnes, or
3%, from 37.3 million tonnes in 2017-18.
The I.G.C. attributed its forecast increase in durum production in 2018-19

up 16% from 5 million tonnes in 2017
but down 26% from a record 7.8 million tonnes in 2016. "Because of tighter
stocks, attractive prices and an anticipated move away from lentil production, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
project a 5% expansion in durum area
in Canada, to 2.2 million hectares," the
I.G.C. said. "Adverse weather led to

mostly to larger crops in North America,
although it acknowledged conditions
were unfavorably cold for the start of
spring planting in the United States
and Canada, which may influence final
planted areas.
The I.G.C. forecast the U.S. durum
crop at 2 million tonnes, up 0.5 million
Price Indicators
tonnes from 2017. The most recent five2
year average U.S. durum outturn was
1.9 million tonnes. The I.G.C. noted U.S.
farmers surveyed in March indicated
Pan-bread flour
they intended to plant 13% less durum
Wheat futures,
than in 2017, a three-year low of 0.8 milK.C., May
lion hectares, including a 21% drop in
Hard winter
North Dakota, which accounts for more
than half of the U.S. output in a typical
12.2% protein
year. "Nevertheless, after the poor reMillfeed, K.C.,
sults of 2017-18, a return to trend yields
could still see an upturn in U.S. output,"
Soybean oil
the I.G.C. said.
Cane sugar
The I.G.C. forecast Canadian durum
production in 2018 at 5.8 million tonnes,

disappointing yields in the year before,
and better outcomes could boost the
crop to about 5.8 million tonnes."
Mexican durum production in 2018
was forecast at 2 million tonnes, down
0.5 million tonnes from the I.G.C.'s
March projection and down 0.1 million
tonnes from the 2017 outturn.
The European Union durum crop was
forecast at 9 million tonnes, unchanged
from the March outlook but down 0.3
million tonnes from 2017. "The harvest
in the E.U. was forecast to recede by 4%
overall, to 9 million tonnes, with an increased outturn in Italy but reductions
in France, Spain and Greece," the I.G.C.
The I.G.C. forecast durum production
in the principal North African durumgrowing nations - Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia - at 5.5 million tonnes
compared with 5.2 million tonnes in
2017. MBN



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