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I.A.O.M. Review

Wiechman of ADM named Milling
Operative of the Year
said. "Sometimes this involves training,
sometimes capital expenditures, sometimes changing business practices, and
always working with the people and producing positive results.
"Relationships are where it all begins


ATLANTA - Michael Wiechman, a longtime member of ADM Milling Co.'s operations support team, is the 2018 recipient of
the Milling Operative of the Year award.
The award was presented April 12 during the International Association of Operative Millers (I.A.O.M.) Annual Banquet
& Awards Ceremony in Atlanta. The ceremony was part of I.A.O.M.'s 122ndĀ Annual Conference & Expo.
Established in 1986 by Milling & Baking
News, the award is given to the practicing
milling operative who has made the most
significant contribution to the progress of
a plant, a company and the industry from
an operating point of view.
Presenting the award was Mr. Wiechman's colleague at ADM Milling, Ross
Mr. Droogsma noted that Mr. Wiechman,
who has worked in a variety of roles during his milling career, has always led by example and treated co-workers with respect.
"He works tirelessly with those around
him to make each mill safer, cleaner, more
reliable and more efficient," Mr. Droogsma

Michael Wiechman of ADM Milling Co. receives
the 2018 Milling Operative of the Year award at
I.A.O.M.'s annual banquet on April 12.

with him. He knows people are our No. 1
asset, and this is where it all starts for getting something done, and he has proven this
principle to be true time and time again."

Mr. Droogsma said Mr. Wiechman's
positive outlook and enthusiasm for his
job rubs off on his co-workers.
"This type of approach garners a lot of
respect," he said. "People enjoy working
with him and benefit from doing so. Most
wish that he could spend more time with
them at their mills - but he is in high demand precisely because of what he does
and how he does it."
After accepting the award, Mr. Wiechman, who is based at ADM Milling's mill
in Enid, Okla., but travels to various ADM
mills in the United States as a consultant
on operational issues, said: "ADM has
given me a great opportunity. Throughout my career I have learned more every
day from everyone than what I add."
ADM Milling is the second largest
flour milling company in North America
with 23 flour mills and an overall daily
capacity of nearly 287,000 cwts.
Also during the ceremony, the Distinguished Member Award was presented
to Joel Hoffa, Cowley College milling
technician instructor and former longtime employee at Mennel Milling Co.
"I've learned so much from all of you
and I thank all of you," Mr. Hoffa said
upon receiving the award. MBN


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