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Ocrim receives honor
Ocrim received the I.A.O.M. 2018
Best Product Showcase Award for its
immersive reality project that allows
users to virtually experience the inside of a roller mill. The Ocrim team
showed the immersive reality project
to millers who visited their booth and
let them experience the virtual experience of being inside an Ocrim roller
mill and interact with the machine.
The use of immersive reality simplifies and perfects the work of designing a mill, and the identification of any
errors, Ocrim said. It also provides innovative training, with a unique technology that allows futuristic developments even in the maintenance field.
The project, which combines the
concept of gaming and the 3-D technology already used in Ocrim, was
first presented in September 2017 in
Cortona, Italy, during Ocrim's event
"Wheat, Flour and..."
Millers recognized for service
During the awards ceremony, the
Distinguished Member Award was
presented to Joel Hoffa, Cowley


answer allergy issues, and ancient
"We're using some of the current
day technology to mill the ancient
grains into new old products," Mr.
Marriott said.
New innovations are being introduced for remote access, he said. With
that technology, Satake's engineers
can tap into a machine and help with
issues an operator is having.
"Rather than jumping on a plane,
we can give advice from a distance,"
Mr. Marriott said. "It's about getting
machines up and running."

Jeff Hole, left, incoming president of the I.A.O.M., receives the president's gavel from
Steve Doyle, who served as the organization's president in 2017-18.

College milling technician instructor and former longtime employee at
The Mennel Milling Co.
"I've learned so much from all of
you, and I thank all of you," Mr. Hoffa
said upon receiving the award.
Others receiving awards at the banquet were:
* Tom Reed, vice-president of North
American Sales, flour milling division,
REPCO, who received the Donald S.
Eber Award, which is given to a district secretary/treasurer for outstanding service and commitment.
* Jerry Heath, Industrial Fumigant Co., who received the George
B. Wagner Memorial Award for his
contribution to the industry and
I.A.O.M. in the areas of sanitation
and food protection.



I.A.O.M. Review

Ocrim displays its immersive reality project, which allows users to virtually experience the
inside of a roller mill. The technology earned Ocrim the Best Product Showcase Award
at the expo. /

* Jeff Hole, vice-president of operations, Miller Milling Co., Minneapolis,
who was inaugurated as the 2018-19
IAOM president.
Positive reviews for venue
The conference, held in Atlanta for
the first time since 1982, attracted 830
attendees from 23 countries as well as
126 exhibitors.
"Some of the I.A.O.M. leadership
want Atlanta for future annual meetings because they were so impressed
at how perfectly suited the venue is
for our event," said Melinda Farris, executive vice-president of the I.A.O.M.
"The official feedback on the venue
and Atlanta received through our surveys was overwhelmingly positive."
The educational program featured
a notable change as on the second
day of the event the usual concurrent
sessions were replaced with two onehour presentations so that all attendees could sit in on the same sessions.
The one-hour sessions included a
presentation by Jesse Leal of AIB International on how to manage regulatory
inspections and a miller/allied trades
panel that discussed topics such as
blower maintenance, pneumatic system designs, sifter maintenance, roll
corrugations and grinder efficiency.
"Overall, the one-hour sessions
were very well attended," Ms. Farris
said. "We heard lots of great feedback
on the panel discussion, in particular.
Many people said the panel discussion could have continued for another
30 minutes to an hour and there would
have been plenty to discuss." MBN
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